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Our Terms and Conditions

It is important to us at Leonard Olive Interiors that we outline our terms and conditions. A full, detailed copy will be given to our clients before any order is agreed. We ask that you read these carefully and should you have and questions or queries regarding them at this time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Leonard Olive Interiors


Our Initial consultation is free of charge. this is where we would understand your requirements, provide design advice and take accurate window measurements. Please note we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of measurements supplied by you, therefore we advise we come and do this ourselves.


A full estimate will be provided which will detail the cost of all items that we will provide. Prices for labour are fixed for one month from the date of the given estimation.

Hardware Fitting

 Leonard Olive Interiors will not install any hardware fittings ourselves directly. We are happy to recommend an independent professional fitting service for all hardware, this includes blind tracks, window tracks, poles and pelmets.


materials supplied by Leonard Olive Interiors through one of our approved suppliers are guaranteed for quality of material, damage and marks.

If the client wishes to source and purchase their own fabric through a third party, that will need to be delivered directly from the client and then onto Leonard Olive Interiors. If the client supplies the fabric, we will charge a 10% additional charge on our labour prices.


If the client wishes to proceed with all or part of the estimate provided, payment is required with a 50% deposit of the labour costs. Costs for fabrics and hardware will also need to be made at this time before any orders will be placed with suppliers or work will commence.

Lead Time for Works

Please note: our lead time for curtains and blinds is four to six weeks from when the fabric is received in our workroom. However, during busier periods, this may be subject to change, but we will always keep you informed. At the time of providing our estimate, we will provide you with an estimated turnaround time for works to be completed. Our products are bespoke and the turnaround time can vary.

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